Celemony Melodyne Editor

  • Brand: Celemony
  • Item ID: SKU-673

Melodyne editor

Shape audio as never before

 Vocal polishing of the highest quality, the removal of wrong notes from piano recordings, incredible harmonic and rhythmic freedom: Melodyne editor is the most powerful edition of our one-track product family and offers you the entire spectrum of Melodyne's award-winning capabilities.


The New Power of Melodyne

Melodyne editor, with its Direct Note Access technology, makes possible what had previously been considered impossible: access to individual notes in polyphonic audio material. Correct wrong notes in a piano recording; change the chords in a guitar accompaniment after the recording is over; refashion a ...

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Celemony Melodyne Assistant

  • Brand: Celemony
  • Item ID: SKU-674

Melodyne assistant

Like Melodyne editor – only without DNA Direct Note Access

Melodyne assistant is very similar to the larger Melodyne editor: the same comfortable user interface, the same tools, the same sound quality, the same smooth integration.


As the second largest single-track edition of Melodyne, Melodyne assistant lacks only DNA Direct Note Access; in other words, it does not permit you to edit individual notes in polyphonic audio material. Unlike the smaller Melodyne essential, however, Melodyne assistant offers the complete Melodyne tool-box for melodic and rhythmic material.


Melodyne assistant is the right choice if you never edit ...

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Celemony Melodyne Studio Bundle

  • Brand: Celemony
  • Item ID: SKU-675

Melodyne studio

Melodyne studio offers you the tried and tested Melodyne functions for the correction, shaping and arranging of audio on as many tracks as you want.


Indispensable in the Studio

Melodyne studio gives you all the functions that have made Melodyne one of the most valued tools in professional music production. Enthusiastic users, euphoric test reports and numerous awards all attest to the uniquely powerful, intuitive and musical editing possibilities of Melodyne studio. Whether it is used for the correction of errors or the creative refashioning of your audio material.


Perfect Vocals

Human hearing is particularly sensitive ...

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