Jet City Amplification



Jet City Amplification Jettenuator

  • Brand: Jet City Amplification
  • Item ID: SKU-2328

Hand-wired. Attenuator. MicSim. Line Out.​


Our 100 watt attenuator has some useful features, making it an excellent tool for both live and recording.

Amp inputs at 4-, 8-, and 16-ohms makes Jettenuator more versatile than other attenuators. The continuous attenuation control lets you set the volume right where you want it.

Also included is a line-level output, with its own level control. Use this to connect Jettenuator to an external power amplifier, or effects processors in professional applications.

Rounding out the feature set is our MicSim output. This balanced, XLR output simulates a microphone in front of a speaker, so ...

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Jet City Amplification JetDirect

  • Brand: Jet City Amplification
  • Item ID: SKU-2329
Our MicSim circuit, designed by Roberts Audio Tech.​


Always wanted a line out for your guitar amplifier but didn’t want to pay for an expensive mod? The JetDirect is your answer. Put this inconspicuous little “black box” between your head and cabinet and voila! Thanks to Doug Roberts’s emulation circuitry, the XLR line output actually sounds like a mic’d speaker. Eliminate stage mics all together, making the sound-man’s job a little easier or use the line signal as an additional layer for your “wall of sound”.




  • (1) ¼” Speaker-Level Input – For connecting the speaker output ...

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Jet City Amplification JetStream ISO Speaker Cabinet

  • Brand: Jet City Amplification
  • Item ID: SKU-2398

The JetStream ISO is a great solution for a variety of applications. Wanna CRANK your tube amp in a home recording environment? Need to manage your stage volume and feed the mains in a club? Eminence Speaker designed JetStream to our specifications, and handled the super-smart stuff in the acoustic design too. Plug your tube amp into the speaker input, and set up your amp tone – go ahead and turn it up! Clip in your favorite guitar-recording mic and position it how you prefer. Then close up the JetStream’s front door, greatly reducing the sound level in the room ...

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