• Brand: MXL
  • Item ID: SKU-2060

MXL 440

Studio Condenser Microphone

The MXL 440 is a beautiful studio condenser microphone designed to complement a wide variety of vocal and instrument applications. By combining a FET preamp with an electrically-balanced output, the MXL 440 delivers an uncompromised tonal quality perfect for all studio applications.

  • Multipurpose large-diaphragm microphone
  • Great for vocals and a wide range of instruments
  • FET preamp with balanced output and low noise
  • Excellent sound for all studio applications
  • Great for recording R&B, pop, rock and country

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  • Brand: MXL
  • Item ID: SKU-2675

The Mobile Media Videographer's Essentials Kit is a microphone and mobile phone mounting solution designed for mobile videography. The bracket and mobile phone clamp accommodate a variety of mobile devices, including iPhone® and Android phones. The included impedance-matching cable works with any 3.5mm jack. The MXL FR-310 Shotgun Microphone provides sound to video being recorded with a mobile phone. The bracket provides stability and two cold shoe mounts: one for the microphone and one for an additional accessory. The MM-VE001 may also be used with a DSLR camera in lieu of the phone clamp.

 Mounting solution holds mobile ...

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MXL Genesis FET

  • Brand: MXL
  • Item ID: SKU-2065


Studio Condenser Microphone

The Genesis FET is designed to replicate the finest characteristics of its predecessor with the added convenience of solid state electronics. The Genesis FET is an outstanding vocal mic, capable of capturing the details of any performance from soulful singers to raw rappers. It features low noise FET circuitry and Mogami cable to ensure clean, natural recordings. 

  • Large 32mm capsule that captures even the most subtle details
  • Perfect as a vocal microphone, but equally at home with most instruments.
  • The characteristic Genesis sound but with the convenience of solid state electronics
  • Low-noise FET circuitry ...

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MXL Genesis

  • Brand: MXL
  • Item ID: SKU-2066


Flagship Tube Microphone

The MXL Genesis is a masterfully engineered tube microphone with features and performance levels found in mics priced thousands of dollars more. From intimate vocal recordings to fast-attacking rap, the Genesis cuts beautifully through the mix with spectacular detail. Recording professionals and musicians are praising the Genesis for its clean highs, warm mids, and tight bottom-end, features attributed in part to the genuine Mullard 12AT7 tube.

  • 2009 winner of Pro Audio Review's Excellence Award
  • Vocal mic that gives singers a rich vintage sound
  • Vintage Mullard 12AT7 tube that gives classic tonality
  • Penetrating vocals that ...

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MXL Revelation Stereo

  • Brand: MXL
  • Item ID: SKU-2063


X/Y Stereo Tube Microphone

The MXL Revelation Stereo is an extraordinary studio microphone. Two Electro Harmonix EF86 tubes deliver an incredibly warm and intimate sound while also extending clarity and punch. The Revelation's tuned grill helps reduce standing waves, allowing true tone to be captured. 

Stereo microphones offer more depth and realism. This mic is perfect for drum overheads, acoustic guitar, and vocal performances.

  • The highest stereo sound quality—great for all applications
  • Dual-capsule X/Y stereo design for added realism and depth
  • Two EF86 pentode tubes that bring out a warm vintage sound
  • Flat response ...

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MXL Aria

  • Brand: MXL
  • Item ID: SKU-2064


Limited Release - Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

The Aria is a modern take on the classic condenser microphone. It features a tube shaped, gray metallic body with black chrome trim. The large diaphragm capsule has a cardioid polar pattern, with a -10db pad and low frequency roll-off. The result is a solid state microphone designed in the tradition of well-known German vintage microphones, with a similar rich sound and tonal quality. Contrary to its high end sound, the Aria is affordably priced to suit the needs of professional and project studio recording enthusiasts.

  • -10 dB pad
  • Low noise circuitry ...

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MXL 770


The MXL 770 continues to amaze recording artists all over the world with its incredible price/performance ratio. Singers, especially rappers, love the 770 for its solid bass, as well as its upfront high-end. The MXL 770 even uses a high quality FET preamp with balanced output for a wide dynamic range. This is a perfect piece for seasoned pros or newbie musicians who want a quality condenser mic that won't break the bank.

• Gold-sputtered, 6 micron, low distortion diaphragm
• FET preamp with balanced output
• Bass roll-off switch set to 150Hz at 6 dB/octave
• Attenuation -10 dB pad ...

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  • Brand: MXL
  • Item ID: SKU-2068


Limited-edition Classic Ribbon Microphone with 
Swedish Lundahl Transformer

The MXL R77L turns instruments into crooners. This ribbon microphone leaves instruments sounding smooth and warm—with just the right amount of room sound rolling in with every note. You'll get a mellow sound that's full without booming at the low end. The balance is perfect. And the mic has a high SPL capability, so even the loud stuff comes out smooth.

  • Special-edition ribbon microphone for instruments
  • Lundahl transformer for a balanced sound and controlled low end
  • Figure-8 polar pattern that captures instruments and room sound
  • High SPL ...

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MXL Revelation

  • Brand: MXL
  • Item ID: SKU-2061


Variable Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone

The MXL Revelation is a studio microphone that delivers the warmth and intimacy of a quality tube microphone, but with extended clarity and punch for balanced recording. A dual gold-sputtered, 6 micron diaphragm and hand-selected EF86 pentode tube provide warm, rich and transparent sound. The Revelation's polar pattern selection is virtually limitless thanks to the variable knob. Whether you record vocals, instruments, percussion or simply use it as a room mic, the MXL Revelation can handle any recording task.

Romeo JohnsonListen to MXL Jingle 
Vocals by Romeo Johnson
(Vocal Coach from NBC's ...

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Vacuum Tube Condenser Microphone

This special Mogami® Edition tube microphone is destined to be a classic! Internally wired with world-class Mogami cable, the V69XM is a versatile vacuum tube condenser microphone with a 32mm capsule and transformer-balanced output for extremely high levels of tonal quality. The V69XM is a perfect complement to analog and digital recording devices and will give you superb vocal and instrument reproduction for years to come.

  • Smooth sound that sweetens voices for music and broadcasts
  • Transformer-balanced output for warm mids and full lows
  • 12AT7 dual-triode tube that pours vintage tone into vocals
  • Excellent for ...

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MXL Revelation Solo

  • Brand: MXL
  • Item ID: SKU-2062


Fixed Cardioid Pattern Tube Microphone

The Revelation Solo features the unmistakable sonic qualities of the MXL Revelation in a cardioid only package. It features an EF86 pentode tube, 32mm 6 micron gold sputtered capsule, and a full complement of Mogami cables. This mic has a smooth top end and full low end. The sound is intimate and warm, perfect for soulful singers and balladeers, but versatile enough for every genre of music. The Revelation Solo also includes phase reverse, ground lift and bass roll off controls on the power supply.

  • Cardioid pattern high quality tube microphone
  • 32mm Gold ...

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MXL Gold 35

  • Brand: MXL
  • Item ID: SKU-2067


Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

You can't miss the stunning gold-plated metal finish on the MXL Gold 35, but this large diaphragm condenser mic is not merely for show. Advanced design and engineering features like a large 35mm gold diaphragm and low noise circuitry reveal the most subtle sonic details and provide the ultimate warmth and openness. Whether you're into high-energy rock, soft and mellow R&B, or want to record your favorite instrument, the MXL Gold 35 will have a coveted spot in your microphone collection.

  • Designed for Benjamin Wright 
    (Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Aretha Franklin ...

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