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Two Notes Engineering Torpedo Reload

  • Brand: Two Notes Engineering
  • Item ID: SKU-1884


Two Notes Audio Engineering, creator of the world’s best speaker cabinet simulation, has bridged a new technological gap with the Torpedo Reload, your new high-end device for silent playing and reamplification. 
The Reload is the ideal combination of the devices you must have in a modern studio, for the recording of electric guitars and basses: an attenuator, a multi-impedance loadbox, a DI and re-amping (Replay) box — it does it all and does it perfectly too.

A Reactive-Active Attenuator

With a choice of 4, 8, or 16 Ohms, your amplifier ...

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Two Notes Engineering Torpedo Live

  • Brand: Two Notes Engineering
  • Item ID: SKU-1886

Two Notes Engineering Torpedo Live Professional Loadbox with Digital Miking

Lighter than the Torpedo Studio and beautifully designed, the Torpedo Live is a digital loadbox perfectly fit to be used on stage.

The concept

You love the sound of your amplifier pushed right to the magic sweet spot where the best tones are. Until now, the only available option was blasting your sound through a 4×12″ to properly excite a microphone. Enter Torpedo, the simplest and most realistic way to get your sound to your audience. Use the amp you love!

Everything that makes a real amp rule over all ...

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