DI or Direct boxes for converting high impedance signals to microphone level signals. Used for instrument pickups, such as bass or electric guitars, keyboards and other various applications.




Radial JD6 Rack Direct Box

•  6 discrete Radial JDI DI's in a one RU 19" unit
•  Jensen® transformer equipped
•  Exceptionally low distortion
•  High level handling
•  Front and back connections
•  Optional hook-up extension panels

The Radial JD6 6 channel direct box has been optimized for use in professional touring applications. Featuring the same highly acclaimed Jensen® transformer equipped circuit as used in the renowned Radial JDI direct box, the JD6 contains 6 completely independent audio channels for 100% isolation, minimal crosstalk and low noise. The Radial JD6 is ideally suited for keyboards, electronic drums and audio-visual systems in both live ...

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Radial J48

  • Brand: Radial
  • Item ID: SKU-717

Radial J48 Direct Box

The Radial J48 is a great sounding active direct box that has been optimized to produce maximum headroom while working within the limited current available from standard 48V phantom power. By employing a unique switching power supply, the J48 is capable of peak transients to 9 volts without choking. The result is lower harmonic distortion, half the inter-modulation distortion and significantly improved dynamics over other DIs. Features include a -15dB pad, 180º polarity reverse, a unique merge function to mix two signals to mono, an 80Hz high-pass rumble filter, and ground lift. Like all Radial products ...

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Radial ProDI

  • Brand: Radial
  • Item ID: SKU-1175

Radial ProDI Passive Direct Box

The Radial ProDI is a passive direct box that combines exceptional audio performance with solid dependable construction, making it the ideal general duty direct box for stage and studio.

The heart of the ProDI is a custom wound Radial transformer. It features an exceptionally high 140kΩ input impedance to reduce loading while enabling the ProDI to handle extreme signal levels at all frequencies without distortion. This is further improved upon with an internal MuMETAL® shield to protect against electromagnetic fields that can cause unshielded transformers to distort.

This compact direct box begins with 14-gauge steel ...

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Radial ProAV2

  • Brand: Radial
  • Item ID: SKU-1180
The Radial ProAV1 and ProAV2 are passive direct boxes specifically developed with the audi-video integrator in mind. The ProAV1 features a variety of stereo inputs that are merged via a resistive mixer to mono, greatly simplifying signal management and the ProAV2 has full two-channel stereo functionality.

To eliminate the need for various adaptor, a 'Swiss Army' array of connections are provided. including 1/4" for instruments, RCA and 1/8" connectors for consumer electronics and computers and a +4dB XLR input(s) for professional systems. Front panel connectors can also be used as thru-puts to allow multiple patch points.

Custom ...

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Mackie MDB-1A

  • Brand: Mackie
  • Item ID: SKU-None

Mackie MDB-1A Active Direct Box

The Mackie MDB-1A is an active direct box designed to connect a single instrument such as a guitar, bass, or keyboard to a microphone preamp for musicians and audio engineers in recording sessions, houses of worship, and live stage applications. It converts a high-impedance, instrument-level signal via its 1/4″ TS unbalanced input to a low-impedance, mic-level output via its balanced XLR 3-pin jack. A 1/4″ thru jack allows simultaneous connection to an amplifier or pedalboard.


With four models to choose from, you can get the perfect match for your instruments. High output ...

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Radial ProRMP

  • Brand: Radial
  • Item ID: SKU-1181
Re-amping has been the 'secret weapon' for countless recordings by the biggest names in the business and the process is often used on guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion and even voice to create new textures! The Radial ProRMP is a 100% passive re-amplifier that lets you to take a pre-recorded track and re-amplify it through a guitar amp or effects pedals to create new and exciting tones.

Plug and play easy to use, the ProRMP connects from the recorder to your amp and effects units and does all the impedance matching for you. Just adjust the level to suit!

The magic ...

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Mackie MDB-2P

  • Brand: Mackie
  • Item ID: SKU-None

Mackie MDB-2P Stereo Passive Direct Box


  • Perfect for stereo sources like keyboards and media players
  • High-impedance 1/4" inputs with Thru outputs
  • Balanced XLR output connector with Ground Lift
  • Ultra-low noise and distortion
  • -15dB pads ensures distortion-free performance when connecting to high-output sources
  • Parallel Thru outputs
  • Built-Like-A-Tank™ construction


  • Line Inputs: 2 (L/R)
  • XLR Outputs: 2 (L/R)
  • Power Required: NO
  • Thru Outputs: 2
  • Ground Lift: YES
  • Input Pad: YES


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X-Amp LB


Radial X-Amp Reamper

  • Active Reamp designed for 500 series racks     
  • 100% discrete class-A electronics for best tone
  • Transformer isolated to eliminate hum and buzz
  • Easy access front panel jacks & controls

The Radial X-Amp is an active Reamper™ that allows the engineer to play a pre-recorded track back through guitar amplifiers and pedals. This opens the door to explore new musical sounds and spur on the creative process so that your recording stands out.

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Mackie MDB-USB

  • Brand: Mackie
  • Item ID: SKU-None

Mackie MDB-USB Stereo Direct Box


The Mackie MDB-USB  is a USB-powered stereo DAC direct box designed to connect stereo a signal from USB to microphone preamps for DJs, producers, musicians, and audio engineers in recording sessions, clubs, houses of worship, and live stage applications. It converts a stereo digital audio feed at up to 24-bit/96 kHz resolution via a USB 2.0 Type-B input to low-impedance, mic-level analog outputs via two balanced XLR 3-pin jacks. A 3.5mm headphone output is provided for easy monitoring.


From the inside out, MDB Series direct boxes are built to last. Thick steel ...

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Radial Pro48

  • Brand: Radial
  • Item ID: SKU-1178
Pro48 active direct box

High resolution active direct box
Increased dynamic range and headroom
48V phantom powered with digital switching
Compact, rugged book-end design
Ideal for active guitars and basses

The Radial Pro48 is a high-performance 48V phantom powered active direct box designed specifically for today's higher output instruments.

The Pro48's inovative digital switching power supply significantly increases headroom and allows for less distortion while yielding a smooth, linear response extending from 20Hz to well above 100kHz resulting in natural, uncolored signal transfer. This superior performance makes the Pro48 an ideal candidate for use with today's battery ...

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Radial JDX LB

  • Brand: Radial
  • Item ID: SKU-1086

Radial JDX™ Reactor Speaker Simulator

    •    Guitar amp interface and cabinet simulator
    •    Reactive load captures sound from head and cabinet
    •    Direct record option for quick tracking
    •    Delivers consistent great tone each time

The Radial JDX™ Reactor™ is a unique guitar amplifier interface designed to capture the tone of a 4x12 cabinet by either recording 'direct' or by interfacing the Reactor via an amplifier head and cabinet. This makes the JDX ideal for fast-paced recording environments such as film and gaming where take after take consistency is required. But don't let the high-speed ...

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Radial J33

  • Brand: Radial
  • Item ID: SKU-719

Radial J33 Combination Phono Preamp and Direct Box

The Radial J33 is a high quality combination turntable (phono) preamp and direct box that offers a choice of balanced mic-level and -10dB consumer line-level outputs. This allows a 33-RPM record player to be connected directly to a professional mixing console or mic preamplifier. This makes the Radial J33 ideal for use in studio for re-recording, sampling and archiving, while offering DJs an improved interface for recording scratch and remix performances over typical DJ mixers or other stand-alone turntable preamps. For maximum flexibility, the Radial J33 is equipped with a rumble filter ...

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