• C12VR


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Production of the original C12 ceased in 1963, and over the years it gradually became a sought-after collectors' item-a legendary recording instrument acclaimed worldwide for its exquisite sound. Now, it's back. The new C 12 VR is true to the original C 12's electronic and acoustic design with only subtle refinements (made possible by modern manufacturing techniques and improvements in basic circuit components) incorporated to increase overall robustness and reduce susceptibility to hum and noise.

With the recreated 1-inch twin diaphragm capsule design and the same 6072 vacuum tube at the heart of its circuitry, the C12VR assures that even the most discriminating users will enjoy the trademark warmth, clarity and presence that characterized the original model. Nine different polar patterns are available, any of which may be remotely selected from the N 12 VR powering unit. Other user control features include two bass roll-off filters (also remotely selectable), switchable preattenuation pads, and a switchable 10 dB boost in nominal sensitivity. A large core-section output transformer minimizes low frequency distortion, and special shock mounting elements protect circuitry and provide acoustic isolation. The C12VR comes complete with powering/remote unit, H 15/T elastic shock mount suspension, 10 m (30-foot) connecting cable, W 42 foam windscreen, and rugged aluminum carrying case. Individually tested frequency response graph also included.