Beginner Recording Pack

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  • $449.00

This is a pack we've put together ourselves, featuring everything you need to start recording except for the computer. For the sake of varying personal preference, we've left the means of listening to you though so please ensure you have something you can use - we offer many solutions via our store. There are many options in that realm that include over-ear headphones, in-ear headphones or even studio speakers - any of which can be connected to the audio interface included in this bundle.


What do you get in this pack?

- PreSonus Audiobox USB (also includes StudioOne Artist recording software)

- Rode NT1-A Condenser microphone (bundled with shock mount, pop shield and XLR cable)

- Standard height boom-arm equipped microphone stand, usable in almost any studio scenario


We chose these products because they represent the best value in entry-level studio products. Some other manufactures offer recording packs, but they don't include important accessories such as the pop filter or microphone stand - or the software they include is far less adequate than the software included with this interface. The microphone is also a time-tested classic, made in Australia with a 10-year warranty rather than a generic OEM mic that you'll find in a lot of other packages.