DT 250
  • DT 250

Beyerdynamic DT 250

  • Brand: Beyerdynamic
  • Item ID: SKU-117
  • Available in either 80 ohm or 250 ohm, please specify in checkout.

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Beyerdynamic DT250 headphones


* Reference-quality closed ear monitors
* Neodymium magnet assemblies
* Advanced cushion systems
* Compact, lightweight, low-profile design
* Modular cable assembly
* Rugged, easy servicing construction

* 250 ohms with WK 250.30/07 coiled cable with gold-plated stereo mini-jack plug and 1/4\" adapter


The DT 250 is a stylish, closed dynamic headphone offering excellent ambient noise isolation and a linear response designed for reference monitoring. It is suitable for all kinds of professional environments including film sound, ENG, EFP and other audio monitoring applications where size, comfort and performance are primary requirements