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Manley designed the Core reference channel strip so that you can hit record and focus on your performance, not your signal chain. It sports the quality, performance, and flexibility their VOXBOX is known for, at a price that makes it accessible to any serious artist or engineer. You get a world-class Manley mic pre, followed by a 3:1 ELOP style compressor for effortless dynamic control. Engineers at Sweetwater are ecstatic over the active Baxandall EQ, and a fast attack FET brickwall limiter at the end of the chain protects your converters from accidental clipping. Even if you plug right in without tweaking a single knob, you're sure to get an amazing sound.

Manley Core Reference Channel Strip Features:

  • Easy to use and awesome-sounding channel strip based on the award-winning VOXBOX
  • Class A tube mic preamplifier with Manley's hand-wound transformers
  • Direct input uses the same circuit as the Manley SLAM! for fantastic direct-instrument recordings
  • ELOP compressor with 3:1 ratio tames any signal transparently
  • Baxandall EQ with low/high shelving and sweepable mid for flexible sonic sculpting
  • Fast attack FET brickwall limiter ensures you don't clip your converters during recording
  • Flexible metering can display input, output, and compressor gain reduction levels