Kurzweil PC3K6
  • Kurzweil PC3K6

Kurzweil PC3K6

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Kurzweil PC3K6 61 Key Production Station

The PC3K, already loaded up with the many impressive features and sounds of the PC3, allows users to tap into the massive wealth of samples and programs developed for our legendary K Series over the past two decades. Capable of loading .KRZ/25/26 sample files, WAVE and AIFF files, as well as most of the K Series programs and setups, the PC3K presents a whole new world of choices to players, and once again underscores our commitment to the concept of non-obsolescence by design. You can choose to delve into the extensive libraries of existing K Series samples or decide to fill the PC3K's flash memory with your own signature samples. In either case, you'll have the most powerful version of Kurzweil's V.A.S.T technology ever developed at your fingertips to help sculpt your sounds and attain a level of detail and expressiveness truly worthy of your music. Sample files can be loaded via USB from a thumb-drive or directly from a computer.



  • K2 Series Compatibility
    • Load legacy .K2 Series Programs/Setups* from the legendary K2 Series keyboards (*K2000 Setups cannot be loaded).
  • Flash Memory
    • Load up to 128 MB of user samples that will remain in memory even while the power is off.
  • MIDI Controller
    • 16 user-configurable zones with 29 customizable MIDI controllers PER zone!
  • KDFX
    • 16 insert effects - 2 auxiliary sends - Global Master FX The best effects in the business.
  • KORE 64
    • Give your PC3/K a sonic injection with the optional KORE 64™ ROM expansion featuring over 300 new programs.
  • 32-Layer Architecture
    • Sound Programs can be up to 32 layers deep, with each layer supporting its own DSP tools.
  • Cascade Mode
    • Program layers can be routed through the DSP of any other layer, in series or blended together.
  • Kurzweil Virtual Analogue
    • The VA-1 Virtual Analog Synthesizer, synthesis engine built right into the V.A.S.T. signal path.
  • KB3 Tonewheel Emulation
    • 9 sliders provide real-time drawbar control over classic B-3, Vox and Farfisa combo organs.
  • World Class String Section
    • Articulations abound, every nuance captured, with samples of full and divisi sections.
  • RIFFs
    • Trigger MIDI phrases, beats, or even full multi-track songs via any built-in physical controller.
  • Software Editors
    • Get deeper into editing. Take control from your Mac/PC or iPad.