• INV-1

Rycote INV-1

  • Brand: Rycote
  • Item ID: SKU-1517

  • $85.00

InVision™ Broadcast

Shock Rating: MAX

Part of the larger InVision™ range of noise-reducing microphone shock-mounts, Rycote's InVision™ models 1 to 10, also known as InVision™ Broadcast, are designed for discreet, low-profile on-camera use in broadcast studio environments where windshielding is not required.

The InVision™ Broadcast mounts feature Rycote's latest Lyre suspension systems to offer broadcast professionals the cleanest possible sound, free from unwanted cable or stand-borne noise. They may be used with microphones mounted on desks, stands or boom poles, or suspended mics.

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