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The sE Rupert Neve RN17  - Designed and Built by sE and Mr. Rupert Neve

sE Electronics and Rupert Neve Designs announced the first sE Rupert Neve microphone in 2008. In 2011, sE and Rupert Neve Designs announced their second collaboration, the sE Rupert Neve RN17. The RN17 is the world's first pencil microphone with a large scale, hand wound, ultra high performance transformer.

The definition and detail from the capsule is incredible, made more so by the headroom afforded by the Rupert Neve transformer. Combined with a newly developed 17mm capsule from sE, the world's smallest production gold sputtered Mylar capsule, the result is truly magnificent. The combined effect is one of exceptional clarity, with a wonderfully silky finish.

Matt McGlynn of Recording Hacks comments on the sE RN17 in a microphone shoot out:

"The sE RN17 has it all. Every positive adjective I can use for any of these other mics, they all apply to this one. Smooth, balanced, warm, present, articulate… it’s like somebody went through these tracks and EQ’d away every bit of high-end hash and low-frequency wooliness and left behind just the stuff I want to hear. The bottom is tight, like the C460B, but the sE RN17 hears farther into the room than the AKGs do. The top is ever so slightly sweeter than “natural,” but not hyped. I would use the hell out of these mics."

Find out more about this mic shoot-out featuring Earthworks, Mojave Audio, sE Rupert Neve, AKG, Schoeps, Neumann and more here (review also includes audio samples).

The sERN17 ships with a cardioid capsule, in a beautiful wooden presentation case, and with 5 canisters to hold the cardioid capsule shipped with the mic, and further supercardioid, omni, hypercardioid and figure of 8 capsules which are available to purchase separately. The whole system is packaged in a signature series flight-case with a custom shock mount.