Sibelius Academic Student
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AVID Sibelius Ultimate Academic Student

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Avid Sibelius Ultimate Academic Student

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Sophisticated enough to meet the demands of the world’s top professional composers, arrangers, and publishers, yet simple enough for elementary or primary students, Sibelius is the superior choice for learning and teaching music notation, composition, and music theory.

With special pricing, flexible licensing for institutions, and built-in classroom management features, Sibelius is the ideal solution for your classroom or lab. Teachers and students can purchase Sibelius  for only $399 .

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More classroom features

Sibelius Worksheet Creator

If you teach music you know how long it takes to produce good classroom materials. That's why we invented the unique Worksheet Creator, in collaboration with experienced teachers and educators.
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Save time with ready-made teaching materials

The Worksheet Creator saves you hours of time by giving you a comprehensive range of ready-made teaching materials—over 1,700 worksheets, projects, exercises, songs, instrumental pieces, lyrics, posters, reference material, and other resources.

Individuals or groups can use the worksheets in class or for homework—either on paper or on the computer. All of the materials are carefully designed to fulfill curriculum requirements, and to suit students of all ages. Some of the teaching materials (such as the repertoire and reference material) are also useful for universities and instrumental teachers.

Many of the worksheets have random questions that are different each time. You can produce both a worksheet for the student and a completed answer sheet to save time when grading. And it all takes just a few seconds.

Creating a worksheetCreating a worksheet

Just choose from six main categories in the Worksheet Creator:

  • Elements of music covers music theory and musicianship
  • Writing and creating music includes notation, transposing, arranging, composing, and improvising.
  • Selected repertoire has over 400 pieces for voice, piano, and other instruments, including songs in 14 different languages and 50 Bach keyboard pieces, suitable for study, arranging and performance. There are also 45 poems to set to music.
  • Reference includes over 200 scales and modes, ranges of different instruments, etc.
  • Posters, flashcards, and games has nearly 200 of these, from notes and keys to pictures of instruments.
  • UK KS3 and GCSE projects has UK-specific projects from African drumming to serialism.

Each of these categories contains further sub-categories. For example, Elements of Music includes 14 areas, such as rhythm, scales, sight-reading, and ear training. So with a few clicks, you can narrow down your choice to just what you need.

Then just choose how many questions you want—and up pops the ready-to-use student worksheet, plus a filled-in answer sheet.

Using your own worksheets

You don't have to use the Worksheet Creator materials as they are. You can either adapt them to your own requirements, or create your own worksheets based on the included blank templates. You can also add your own worksheets to the Worksheet Creator for future reuse.


Easy classroom controlEasy classroom control—only in Sibelius

Available only with Sibelius, the network version helps teachers manage a lab of Sibelius copies from a single computer, and ensure students are doing what they're meant to be.
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Streamlined classroom control

A single, simple Classroom Control window shows you all the Sibelius copies that are running, as well as the students' usernames. You can freeze students' programs when you want them to pay attention.

Get a copy of the score each student is working on—or send a score to any student, or to all of them at once. You can also prompt students to save a version of their score with the Versions feature, to help you track their progress over time.

And it's all password protected, for complete security.

Creating a worksheet


Sibelius Network Licence Server

No matter how many Sibelius network licences your school owns, the Sibelius Licence Server makes it easy for students to access them from any networked computer in the school.
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Increase your students’ access

With the Sibelius Licence Server, you can install Sibelius on as many computers as you want. When a student wants to use the software, they automatically receive a floating, concurrent network license from the Licence Server. So, for example, students can finish their work on a computer in the library if the music classroom is busy. The Licence Server software is included free of charge with all network multi-seat licenses.

Sibelius Network Licence Server

Easy to set up—easy to use

Sibelius Licence Server features an easy-to-use control panel interface that non-technical teachers can use. It’s fast and simple to assign licences, replace computers, upgrade to newer versions of Sibelius, and track licences.

Technical information

Sibelius software’s network licences operate on a client-server model. The Sibelius program itself is installed on the local hard drive of each of the client workstations, and a separate Licence Server program is installed on a single designated server or workstation.

The Licence Server program is supplied on the main Sibelius  program DVD, and enables the designated number of licenced client copies to run on the network simultaneously. The Licence Server also lets you send messages to users of the client copies, and close copies down from the server machine.


Sibelius requires a network using the TCP/IP protocol. (Your network may use other protocols in addition to TCP/IP, but TCP/IP must be present in order for the Licence Server to communicate with the client copies.) The Licence Server program runs on Windows or Mac OS X.