X-Rack VHD Pre
  • X-Rack VHD Pre

Solid State Logic X-Rack VHD Pre

  • Brand: Solid State Logic
  • Item ID: SKU-570

  • $1499.00

The devilishly warm and dirty alternative to the pure Mic Amp Module. A front end that combines classic SSL character with our new Variable Harmonic Drive circuit, delivering a time machine of overdrive characteristics.

Key Features:

  • Electronically balanced ultra-high bandwidth Mic input with +20dB to +70dB gain control
  • Hi-Z and Pad Switches on Mic Amp Input
  • Dedicated Additional XLR Line Input
  • Variable Harmonic Drive circuit adds a controllable blend of 2nd or 3rd Harmonic distortion
  • Dedicated Trim control after the VHD stage
  • Classic Listen Mic Compressor with fixed attack and release curves… ideal for drums
  • High and Low-Pass Filters