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Sennheiser HD 25

  • Brand: Sennheiser
  • Item ID: SKU-226
  • On special, only while stocks last (normally $249.00)

The closed-back HD 25 are purpose-designed, professional monitoring headphones offering high attenuation of background noise. Capable of handling very high sound pressure levels and of extremely robust construction, these headphones perform exceptionally well in high-noise environments, e.g. ENG, sound reinforcement, studio monitoring and audio equipment testing. The capsule is rotatable for one-ear listening. Ideal monitoring headphones for cameramen and DJs.


  • Very lightweight and comfortable, even if used for long periods
  • High maximum sound pressure level
  • 65 .nominal impedance for universal compatibility
  • Tough, detachable steel cable
  • Neodymium ferrous magnet systems and lightweight aluminium/copper voice

Delivery Includes

  • 1 HD ...

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Universal Audio 4710-D

  • Brand: Universal Audio
  • Item ID: SKU-288

Universal Audio 4710-D

Four Channels of Tone-Blending Preamps and 1176-Style Compression with Built-In A/D Converters

The Universal Audio 4-710d is a boutique quality, four-channel microphone/line preamplifier with unique tube and solid-state tone blending capabilities — perfect for a wide range of microphone and instrument sources. This versatile multi-channel preamp offers selectable 1176-style compression circuitry on each channel, plus four additional line inputs feeding eight channels of pristine analog-to-digital conversion. Building upon UA's classic analog design approach, combined with smart modern features, the 4-710d is the most flexible preamp in the UA lineup.

  • Four TEC Award-winning 710 Twin-Finity™ ...

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Waves Platinum Native Bundle

  • Brand: Waves
  • Item ID: SKU-437

Everything you need for the most sonically sophisticated audio processing. Platinum provides you with essential daily tools, sweetening and mastering processors to sound design mindbenders. Combines all the processors from the award winning Gold bundle, plus new Masters and Renaissance Collection 2

The most comprehensive palette of audio processors ever offered, all with Waves quality. Combines Waves renowned Gold with Masters and Renaisssnce Collection 2 bundles


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Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0

  • Brand: Toontrack
  • Item ID: SKU-652
$329.00 On sale: $249.00

Superior Drummer 2.0 is the professional drum sampler flagship from Toontrack Music.

With its excellent sounding sample-engine, its phenomenal realistic room sounds and its unrivaled extensive feature-list, it truly sets the industry standard in contemporary digital drum production.

20 GB of excellent drum sounds for professional music-production. Recorded with extensive and adjustable microphone-bleed and the unique room sound of legendary recording studio Avatar New York.

Mixer presets by top producer Neil Dorfsman (Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits, Kiss, Joss Stone, Genesis, John Mayer and Chris Cornell).

A quick guide to all the features and possibilities in the ...

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IK Multimedia ARC System 2

  • Brand: IK Multimedia
  • Item ID: SKU-708
  • SPECIAL - One unit available!
$329.00 On sale: $269.00

Your room is now ready

The advanced room correction system just got even more advanced

ARC System 2


ARC System 2 (Advanced Room Correction) is the sequel of the first and only acoustic correction system that combines a measurement microphone, measurement software AND a correction plug-in to improve the sound reliability and acoustics of your studio in an elegant, low-cost portable solution.

Trust your ears

ARC takes your room out of the mix...

ARC uses Audyssey MultEQ® XT32 patented technology to improve your monitoring system so what you hear is not affected by distortions caused by room acoustics. Near field ...

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Sennheiser MK4

  • Brand: Sennheiser
  • Item ID: SKU-1030
  • On special, only while stocks last (normally $299.00)
General Description

In a world where low-quality side address condenser microphones are all too common, Sennheiser is proud to introduce the MK 4 studio condenser microphone. MK4 is Sennheiser’s first large-diaphragm studio condenser microphone. MK4 features a 1” true condenser capsule, optimized for project studio and home studio applications. Sennheiser designed the MK 4 to provide maximum sound quality at a very competitive price point, focusing on exactly what it takes to make an excellent studio microphone. The MK 4 is made in Germany, which is also unique at this price point. While the MK 4 is chiefly designed for ...

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Elektron Analog Four

  • Brand: Elektron
  • Item ID: SKU-1273
  • MASSIVE DISCOUNT - Strictly while stock lasts!
$1,999.00 On sale: $1,399.00

Elektron Analog Four Synthesizer

The Analog Four represents the best of two worlds. Inimitable analog impact combined with razor-sharp digital accuracy. This is an analog synthesizer for the creative artist.

Analog bliss
Organic, warm, chaotic, exact, and everything in between. Moulding your own unique analog sounds is simple. Program them with precision, or feel free to design as you go. The sonic range is so vast entire tracks can be created from scratch.
From sounds to songs
Four synth tracks and an intuitive step sequencer enable you to easily create and layer melodies. Then play back your composition and immediately ...

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Toontrack EZX License Code

  • Brand: Toontrack
  • Item ID: SKU-1349
$99.00 On sale: $79.00

Digital download - You can pick any Toontack EZX EZdrummer Expansion and download it, saving you shipping fees and it's cheaper than Toontrack's online store!

Please note there may be a delay in processing your order and emailing you the code if ordered outside of normal business hours - unfortunately we have to process manually.
Available EZX Expansions to choose from:
- Americana EZX
- Claustrophobic EZX
- Drumkit from Hell EZX
- Electronic EZX
- Funkmasters EZX
- Hip-Hop EZX
- Indie Folk EZX
- Jazz EZX
- Latin Percussion EZX
- Made of Metal EZX
- Metal Machine EZX
- Metal! EZX
- Metalheads EZX
- Nashville EZX ...

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Alesis iO Mix

  • Brand: Alesis
  • Item ID: SKU-1374
$499.00 On sale: $249.00

Now, for the first time ever, you can mix and record up to four channels of audio into your iPad.

The Alesis iO Mix is the first device that turns your iPad into a powerful portable studio, allowing you to record multiple mics or instruments directly into GarageBand or any other compatible Core Audio app.

With the iO Dock, Alesis was the first to make your iPad studio-compatible. Now with the iO Mix, your iPad becomes your studio. All the connections you need are onboard, including four combo XLR-1/4" input channels and balanced, stereo 1/4" outputs. The iO ...

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Track 16

  • SPECIAL - Only two units available at this price!
$899.00 On sale: $599.00

Simple, elegant and professional

Make world-class recordings with style and ease

Simple operation. Clean design. Studio-grade sound quality. Track16 exhibits these design principles through and through.
And don't let its compact size deceive you. There's plenty of I/O available for a well-equipped personal studio, ready for
multi-player recording sessions. Track16's pristine mic preamps, balanced line-level audio connections, and renowned
MOTU engineering deliver world-class audio quality.


An astonishing array of inputs and outputs

Record two mics, two guitars, a keyboard, a sound module,
and eight optical channels simultaneously

How can such a compact unit offer 16 ...

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Solid State Logic Sigma Delta

  • Brand: Solid State Logic
  • Item ID: SKU-1997
  • Only 1 unit available @ this price
$7,099.00 On sale: $4,399.00

Remote Controlled Analogue Summing - Designed for the DAW user that seeks the legendary big sound of an SSL console while retaining the convenience of working in the box, Sigma δelta is a unique rack mounting SuperAnalogueTM mixer with full tri-directional remote control and automation.

Sigma δelta seamlessly brings the analogue joy of mixing on an SSL console into your DAW dominated workflow. Using MDAC technology unique to SSL, Sigma takes the SuperAnalogueTM mix buss from SSL's Duality and AWS consoles and delivers it in a 2U rack design, with complete remote control of the analogue signal path, using either ...

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Sennheiser HD8 DJ

  • Brand: Sennheiser
  • Item ID: SKU-2191
  • Special - highly limited stock!
$379.00 On sale: $349.00

Sennheiser HD8 DJ Headphones

The new Sennheiser models HD8 DJ and HD7 DJ are focused on the rhythm and beat matching that professional DJs need. Between the two, the top-of-the-range HD8 DJ offers a clear and more detailed sound experience with excellent bass while the HD7 DJ has a more dynamic sound tuning with a stronger bass emphasis. Both headphones are capable of very loud, high SPL making them suitable for DJ performance environments, while their high noise isolation reduces the necessity of maxing out the volume, for safer listening.  

For easy, comfortable one-ear monitoring, both DJ models feature ...

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